Saturday, 6 January 2007

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If you have any comments regarding Pipex Broadband or Pipex Homecall please feel free to post them on this site.

Reason for this Blog
I have been treated extremely badly by Pipex Homecall and cannot get any sastisfaction from their customer service people. I need somewhere to vent my spleen before I give myself a coronary.Details of my "case" to follow.I would like anyone who has been treated badly, mislead or lied to by Pipex to post on this site. I will the e-mail the site to Pipex at regular intervals until they get the message.Thanks.

Who to contact at Pipex

I will work at getting a comprehensive list of people to contact at Pipex. I think if I make it personal I might get a response.

I'll start with Mark Carberry. He is Director of Customer Operations for Pipex Homecall.
Address: Pipex Homecall, Christie Fields, Derwent Avenue, Manchester M21 7QS

I have written to this chap twice. Pipex deny getting either letter even though I sent the second one recorded delivery and have a printed copy of the signature of the person at Pipex who signed for the letter from Royal Mail.

I will post contact details for broadband users as soon as I get them.

Another contact:
Press Officer Dana Loftus
can be mailed at

Here is a great site for you to visit, register and comment about Pipex:

Another site - made me laugh this one:

Take a look at these forums and blogs:

This links to a review of Pipex Business Broadband Services. Makes interesting reading:


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Site you just gotta vent with these guys...

Customer Review of Pipex Broadband


An unusual start you may think, but go any where near this lot and you too will need anger management therapy and a life time subscription with Laithwaites.

Where to start? Ah got to be customer service, or more precisely the utter lack of it. Like many companies Pipex has moved its service centre away from mainland UK.

On one of the more remote Scottish Islands, lonely and forgotten on its wooden pole, exists a sad, bakelite clad, phone. It's plaintive cries are lost in the wind swept wilderness. Occasionally, an inquisitive sheep bumps in to the post and dislodges the receiver where, much to its surprise, a voice from the dissatisfied multitude angrily shouts at it.

At other times the sheep just hears gentle snoring.

Most often, It regurgitates a favoured cud and continues with its slow and aimless mastication, pondering the world and the significance of the little shiny Pipex customer service agent badge that someone once pinned on it

I have tried to converse with the sheep. Trust me its not worth it.

Must be time to talk about billing now. Now traditionally, you subscribe to a service, provide continuous authority on your card, plug in the bits and shoot off to the nearest free porn P2P server, err check on world events at BBC news. Each month the ISP bills your account as agreed. It all works brilliantly.

Not so with these fella's. Months after closing your account (mainly due to the aforementioned sheep problem) you are presented with a bill for a load payments that they forgot to take. No comms, just straight on your card. Imagine if your utility or mortgage company behaved like this.

For those with poor or under exercised imaginations, its like chomping down on a turd and piccalilli sandwich.

Pipex folks can't even follow their own payment collection procedure. “Arrgh, well Jim Lad. The pirates code is more of a guideline really.”

Until recently, I thought deadlock was a move Big Daddy may once have used on a Saturday. CISAS was a Polari phrase and Otelo, a Shakespearean tragedy. If you can compliment Pipex about anything they certainly expand your legal knowledge.

A marketing guru once told me that a happy customer, on average, will tell four of his friends about the great experience he has had. A less happy person will tell twelve people about his poor experience.

A raging holocaust of dissatisfaction, such as myself, will wonder what the Guinness Book of Records has to say on the matter and will circulate this to around the same number of people who turn up in the taxi rank before me on a wet Friday night.

(I am talking Mancunian rain here not that poncy Southern drizzle and no, the number of people is not affected by what time you leave the Pub or whether a Kebab was involved. It will always be of sufficient quantity to maximise the contest between the urgent need of a quick snake’s down a dark alley vs. the desire not to lose your approaching ride to a fat bird called Britney).

My fondest desire would be to protect humanity against the evil scourge of Pipex, whilst knocking Viagra spam off the top spot in the world’s inbox. Oh and that African bloke who wants to give me loan.

If you wish to join in the crusade to protect the world from bad advertising (Hasselhoff for God’s sake, Steven King doesn’t run ISP’s but if he did…) and crap service then please feel free to send this to anyone who can stand upright and finish a simple sentence.

gordgoodfellow said...

Thought you might like to read how Pipex extorts money from people by disabling the bandwidth alert system immediately it becomes clear that there is a bandwidth issue:

James said...

The worst customer service i have ever received by miles !!!

Firstly when i tried to migrate away I had the most unpleasant phone conversation of my life. There is a separate call group to try and talk people out of migrating away (to another ISP). I was berated my an astonishingly rude man who keep barking at me "do you wanna drive a scoda or a ferrari" (meaning that Pipex was the ferrari). Finally i said NO just give me the MAC code then he HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!

Several phone calls later and after much chasing I found someone who finally gave me a MAC code.

I migrated to another ISP (Sky which has been faster, more reliable and cheaper).

It is not a direct debit that i can cancel but rather than just charge my card.

Rather than getting my card reissued I have just been trying to get Pipex to stop billing me (and maybe even pay me back the money they have taken).

Every month for the last 4 months I have seen that pipex are still taking my money. Then rung pipex and been told that the account was not properly closed but it is now.


I hate them with a passion.

Never use pipex.